Our Philosophy

Established in 1994 and promoting our heritage to the world since 1995, what we truly strive to achieve daily is to provide the ultimate sleeping experience to the people who trust in our top-quality products, improving the quality of their lives one sleep at a time.

A True Product of Cyprus

-We have meticulously chosen Greek names for our mattresses revealing the strong bond we hold with our traditions and heritage, as we are located on the beautiful island of Cyprus in the eastern region of the Mediterranean.

-We have been promoting our heritage abroad since 1995.

-Our greatest asset has always been our human resources, as we entrust and rely on people for their invaluable support and feedback.

-We are proud to be able to contribute to the island’s economy and productivity.

Innovative Two-Sided Mattresses

-The double-sided flippable mattress remains the product that makes us differ from the most of the other mattress manufacturers.

-The frequent flipping of the mattress, as part of its home maintenance, offers durability and keeps the mattress’s performance at the highest level during its lifespan. It is constructed in such a way that promotes and secures longevity.

-The raw materials used to make this mattress are unique in that they shape, ‘breathe’ and revert to their initial position much more easily than other one-sided mattresses.

-When you purchase a double-sided mattress, you essentially purchase two mattresses, as even if one side gets damaged during usage, the mattress can be flipped and used on the other side. So, if one side is lost during an accident, the other still remains intact and usable.

Custom Made Just for You

-Every single mattress we manufacture is unique and tailormade to entirely suit our customers’ needs.

-Our personnel put maximum effort and strive to truly ’create’ – bring each and every mattress to ’life’.

-The systematic and thorough inspection of our products, carried out by experienced members of our staff, prevents the unlikely event of a faulty product reaching the market.

-Those are the reasons our final products are impeccable both aesthetically and practically, ensuring that the Stroma Legacy lives on.

Top-Quality Raw Materials

-Our selection of top-quality raw materials secures our Stroma mattresses’ high quality and contributes to our clients’ health and well-being.

-We have worked hard to establish and maintain collaborations with our esteemed partners throughout the European Union.

-The manufacturing process of our products is based on international standards and all the relevant certifications have been obtained.