Our History


Στρώμαν (Stroman),

as was our initial brand name, has been established as one of the main manufacturers specializing in mattress and top-quality bedroom essentials based in Cyprus (Dali, Nicosia).


Formed in 1994, its founders came straight from the ‘core’ of the very first
local mattress industry.

The need for the creation of a new company emerged from the fact that the founders of Stroma wanted to build their company on a new philosophy and mindset in accordance with the contemporary status quo of the market.

Essentially, what the founders of Stroma (A. Diogenous, N. Theodosiou, I. Ioannou, C.Panayiotou and A.Avraam) aimed to achieve, was to create a bond between their product lines with the rich heritage of Cyprus and to promote the Cypriot craftmanship and expertise to the international market.

Consequently, in 1994, the company began to take part in various international exhibitions aiming to present their own philosophy on how a mattress is to be meticulously created and manufactured.


1995 was a paramount year for the company as its products were successfully linked with overseas buyers and, up until the present day, Stroma, is the only Cypriot company within the local mattress-manufacturing sector with a continuous presence abroad through its exports. (monthly product shipments to the Baltic Countries and Kuwait)


In the meantime, due to the need which arose for the brand name to be fully recognisable abroad, the company’s initial logo was reinvented to include Latin alphabet characters.


1999 marked the commencement of trading with the Baltic countries as the first container was sent to Estonia, followed by Latvia. Even though this achievement was not included in the company’s goal list, this was bound to become the market with most of the company’s exports and that, even in the present day, forms the country with most of the company’s exports.


In 2001, substantial improvements to the company’s products, their packaging and overall market presence are made, resulting in the replacement of the initial logo and the decision to adopt the Latin version as the company’s main logo (which was also accompanied by a new tagline), contributing to its goal which was to become established in overseas markets.


2002 was a paramount year in the field of exports and one of the most successful periods in the company’s history until then, since throughout the year the company’s products (mainly mattresses) were exported to 7 different countries while participating in numerous exhibitions and trading activities abroad. Specifically, during that year, 67 containers were sent and the turnover for exports reached approximately 40% of the annual turnover.

The first pocket spring mattresses are launched and eco-friendly (biodegradable) natural resources are used for the first time, a fact which fulfills the market demands in the Baltic Countries (main product export destination).


In 2003, the company receives an award by the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry on its vast amount of exports (2002) and the promotion of the Cypriot mattress industry abroad.


In 2004, state-of-the-art machinery was added to the equipment, leading to the company’s first major technological upgrade which was vital for the improvement of the production process.  The company’s development continued throughout the year with brand new local collaborations as well as further expansion in the exports sector reaching markets such as those of the Baltic countries, the UK, Finland while making great efforts to reach the market of Kuwait.


In 2005, following the simultaneous entry of Cyprus and Estonia in the European Union (2004), a challenge in the resilience of the company emerges as the competition rapidly increases (market globalization). At the same time, the first signs of the following global financial crisis (2008) are evident resulting in the gradual reduction of export demand.


In 2007, the company receives the FIRA Certicate for the majority of its mattresses.


The directors and all members of the stuff were constantly participating in several training courses while there was a frequent exchange of visits with colleagues as well as participation in specialized exhibitions of the field abroad. Apart from the training programs for the personnel in all departments of the company, training programs targeted for the sales departments of our partners in Cyprus and abroad were designed.


Towards the end of 2012, the subsidiary company STROMAN EU OU is formed in the Baltic states based in Tallinn, Estonia, in order to tackle the recovery of the company’s export activities.


In 2014, following the collapse of the Cypriot banking system and market insolvency, Stroma reaches the end of the calendar year with a staggering 75% income loss while the total number of employees is reduced from 40 to 20 and only 2 retail stores remain in operation.


In 2018, after vigorous regrouping and reinvention, the company comes up with a new strategic plan which is based on expanding its knowledge and expertise in the production of mattresses and other bedroom essentials as well as exploring different ways in which it can contribute to the improvement of the quality of life.

In the meantime, several changes are implemented including changing the logo and an expansion in retail takes place with the opening of a 3rd retail store while resources are spent on the creation of an efficient course of action in the marketing department of the company through staff training and updating the company’s presence on the Net, Social Media etc.


Thus, the company aims to establish its presence on the market as a medium-to-high level brand, drawing on the fundamental points of: implementing a handmade production process, being a recognized and reliable production company abroad and maintaining the ability to promptly respond to and fulfill the customers’ needs due the company’s fully up-to-date product lines drawing on its expertise and excellent craftmanship.


2020 welcomes the launch of the new, contemporary and fully-functional website of the company as well as its growth in the retail sector with the opening of its new state-of-the-art Sleep Centre, this time located in Xinaris Home Collection, Limassol.