Mattress Care and Maintenance

Everything you need to know about the care and maintenance of your new mattress.

Proper care is essential and will help in maintaining your mattress’s excellent condition. In the section below we have gathered all the relevant care guidelines by the manufacturer. Please read them carefully and should you need any further assistance or advice, do not hesitate to contact our Information Centre and get the best out of your mattress during its natural lifespan.

a mattress during transportation, cleaning or storage as this can cause permanent damage. Pocketed Spring Mattresses should be transported horizontally or vertically with the wider side facing downwards.

all plastic packaging from the mattress before use.

are designed for placing the mattress on the bed base. Do not use them for transporting the mattress – they may come off and damage its fabric.

Do not place your mattress on a broken base or on a base that is not designed to properly support it. Spring Mattresses must not be placed on an uneven base, a base with curves or different levels. Do not place a mattress on a slatted base with more than 7cm space between slats (rigid bed-planks). For curved planks, the distance between the planks should not exceed 5cm. Do not put any mattress on a base that is of unsuitable size. The base/foundation, must not be smaller in size than the mattress. Use a base/foundation which is in accordance with the mattress’s dimensions, otherwise the mattress may lose its shape, form and/or become damaged. See our divan bases line!

to prevent any surface damage such as stains or mould. The protector cover must be designed to fit the specific mattress. See our mattress protectors line!

from side-to-side or rotating it from end-to-end every few months (recommended: 2-3 weeks after purchase and after that within a period of every 3 months at the latest) as this helps upholstery layers and fillings to settle more evenly. Flipping and rotating your mattress will maintain its high quality during its lifespan and it will ensure maximum performance during every use.

remove your bedding and let the mattress breathe for at least 20 minutes. This will allow body moisture to evaporate and materials to reform.

the mattress or bouncing on the mattress as doing so may damage its springs.

with a suitable vacuum cleaner. Please, keep in mind that only dry cleaning is recommended. To remove stains, you can use a clean cloth, mild detergents and/ or cool water (Attention: The cloth should not be soaked in water). Also, professional deep cleaning is recommended at least once a year .

It may permanently damage the mattress’s cover and the mattress itself.